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Na , man, I don't touch that shit. What are you doing this weekend?

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Ted told me he got a teener. Now I'll get laid. PNP unknown. Acronym for "Party N Play. N Play refers to the marathon sex that follows after you're all jacked up on speed and want to "Play" all night. Looking to PNP with Tina.

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Looking for guys who want to PNP with me all night. Used in chat rooms as the adreviation for " Party and Play ".

To meet have sex and alcohol or other drug. Lets meet tomorrow at 2pm for PnP. The term originates from the use of pen and paper while roleplaying.

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Dude, you want to p n' p tomorrow? Part of the sex-work industry for the past half a decade, Gabriel's witnessed firsthand the way drugs—namely crystal meth, mephedrone, and GHB or "G," a liquid solvent —have flooded London's gay scene.

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Predominantly used during sex, there's now a growing portion of the gay community involved in "chemsex," as it's colloquially known, and going to the "chillouts"—drug-fueled sex parties—at which chemsex tends to occur. Though chemsex is by no means a new phenomenon see our past coverage here , less than a decade ago escorts could have avoided it.

But the proliferation of mephedrone and G—both of which are cheap, easy to source, and highly addictive—has made using substances an almost unavoidable aspect of male sex work.

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Now, if they want to make enough money to get by, they don't have much of a choice but to partake. I've actually had to get into slamming myself to fit with the trend, because that's what people are into. They want to see that someone slams and gets a rock-hard cock. With such a high proportion of jobs now involving drugs, few escorts can afford to turn down substance-based sex work. Even then, there's no guarantee of financial gain. And then, once you've done all the running around and everything, you're out of pocket.

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Some clients don't actually end up paying back; they have all the fun, and then they basically just get rid of you when they're done. Sometimes the clients forgo the sex entirely. It's very common. After eventually accepting his addiction was out of control, Dan went into rehab. Though chemsex has become a substantial element of escorting, he's now better equipped to refuse work that would see his addiction resurface. Unfortunately, money is a big aphrodisiac. The more money people are paying to shag you when you're off your face on these drugs, the more drugs people will do.

Mephedrone and G in particular have proved especially popular across the gay scene, and their arrival marks the start of chemsex's inexorable integration with escorting. Compared to the cocaine that's available in London, they're more accessible, more potent, and cheaper. Coupled with the rise of hook-up apps like Grindr, which have made organizing or finding chillouts much simpler, it's easy to see how chemsex has embedded itself into both the gay and escorting scene.

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It's now so prolific that even the BBC is taking an interest. And then it slowly changed. As soon as the G came on the scene, the whole clubbing scene changed completely. More and more of Patrick's clients paid for him to have chemsex, and eventually he became addicted to G. Like Gabriel's relationship with mephedrone, he transitioned from using it with clients to using it recreationally. After seeking professional help for his addiction, he spent six months in rehab. Originally I started taking it for work So I replaced it with the alcohol and I'm getting there slowly.

Over the last 18 months it has seen a huge increase in the number of male escorts accessing their drug services. We are now seeing more and more male escorts coming in for support and treatment with injection injuries, and quite often physical health problems, from using GBL , crystal meth or meph," says Paul Doyle, addiction liaison at SWISH. We also need to make sure that clients are aware of the legal issues, as well as the emotional and mental health issues of using drugs. Like many of London's escorts, Gabriel's reliance on chemsex-based work began to take its toll. I wouldn't say 'spiraling out of control,' but it was becoming an issue.