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The only complaint is that everytime a certain character hit his Juul it made me crave the sweet taste of nicotine. However, both the play and nicotine leave you with a warm feeling in your tummy. Gang gang! Those two not so good reviews written above must be the dryest non sense of humor humans on the planet!! This show was the best of the 5 I've seen so far! All the characters were amazing actors there was one that really stood out that you should keep an eye on The tall skinny guy with bleach blond hair!!

Had me laughing crying and in awe of his acting skills!! I believe I've seen him act in other shows over the years but possibly diff color hair before??

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He should be in movies or Broadway or something!! This show is deffs the best at the fringe this year and worth every penny to see Wish I would have saved money from the other four shows I saw and just went to this one 5 times!!! Loved it!!! If the actors read this review I'd like to just say thank you so much!!

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I will be seeing it again!! Excellent pacing, funny jokes, and an energetic cast. I loved every minute of it—do yourself a favor and go see this one. That's right -- I'm smiling just remembering this high-energy, smart, and dense show. The story moved in many directions and the actors use the space and audience energy in really engaging ways. The play pokes fun at all kinds of people in a goodhearted sort of way. The acting is terrific very physical, full-body, and fully engaged performances that kept me riveted.

I love Fringe for the quirky finds and little gems.

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  • This might be both! There were a handful of jokes and lines - like the Prairie Home Companion one - that made me belly laugh. Moments like those were the best and perfectly blended MN humor, social justice, and a self-aware sense of fun. There is clearly great promise in these young writers and performers. The show as a whole suffered from a lack of depth in the characters they were mostly surface-level caricatures , but this is clearly a group that enjoys what they do and I look forward to them developing more.

    This performance grabbed hold of my hand and sailed through hope, muck, angst, and then laid me down for a smooth landing at the end. Truly a witty and entertaining ride from open to close. First show of my Fringe Festival experience and certainly not my last. The dircetor surely knows how to make a great show. I went to this show completely off of a recommendation from a friend and because of the attention the show is getting from queer networks.

    I literally had next-to-no expectation coming into the show.

    Kyle Dean Massey

    The performers gave an incredible performance, the jokes were on point, the crowd was having a great time. I loved it! If you're queer and in the twin cities you gotta check it out! Highlight of my fringe so far! So refreshingly witty, fun, and self-aware. And all done by young people too, I might add. Very impressive. All-around strong comedic performances, a well-executed script, and clever staging including the hilarious use of a bundle of balloons with faces to represent the campers set this youthful production apart from many less-polished shows from more experienced Fringe teams. Full review: Wow, I am very suspicious of the amount of reviews this has.

    I suspect fake reviews. While some of the individual performances were engaging and funny, the overall show was not put together well at all. The stand up during the talent show was weak and there was an awkward plug about their go fund me? I had a great time seeing this show!

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    Like other people have said, there are a few plot holes here and there, but the actors have so much fun it makes up for it. I would recommend Gay Hot to anyone. This is a fun show that had me smiling all the way through! Well written, well acted, and had some great asides that will appeal to anyone who's likely attend the fringe.

    Pete Buttigieg: How a young, gay mayor became a Democratic star - BBC News

    The performance was smooth on Saturday, and the theater is a smaller venue which fits for the piece. If you can put this into your schedule, you should. It's not groundbreaking, but it is exactly what fits into the Fringe Festival experience! From the first moment of the show—from the first musical interlude—I was laughing. The writing is cheeky and fresh with a bit of that fringe quirk that we all know and love so dearly. I loved this show!! It had all the fun, nostalgia and chaos of childhood days at camp without actually having to go there.

    Really funny writing with across the board references something for everyone , cute and rootable characters, and some fun play about what it means to be a gay hot American, while poking fun at what that can mean as well. Super sweet and unexpected moments really bring the show home and will leave you with a sense of pride in yourself and love for your pals. Definetly come see this show, and bring your gay friends! Well done girl theatre on another great fringe showing: I had so much fun! The acting and writing are specific and smart, and this was by far the tightest show I've seen at this year's festival.

    I would recommend it to everyone who needs a good, hard laugh. Go see this show because, as the kids say, YOLO ;. This fast-paced roller coaster of a show was so fun! It was refreshing and exciting to see so many queer characters onstage and to catch all the gay culture references. Though this show clearly celebrates queerness, I went with a straight friend who was laughing through the whole thing too. There was a little bit of something for everyone! The cast worked together brilliantly and the comedic timing was great all around.

    Packed with humor, witty pop culture references, and a truly wild plot, this rapidly-paced show manages to makes space for all conversations embodied by ingenious young artists.

    Why are we so coy about sex education for gay teens?

    It's the gem of the Fringe Festival! Cleverly written and beautifully executed, this show managed to make all members in the audience share a laugh. This was everything I thought it would be. Silly, campy, and humorous, I enjoyed the performances of the entire cast. The characters are all quirky and engrossing in their own way, and the script is delightful.

    Although there were some slow spots scattered throughout, the show, for the most part, I really did enjoy it. What a total delight! Just when I knew where the story arc was heading, we veer off into something completely unexpected. So many witty cultural references that felt perfect I especially loved the NPR moment.

    The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast

    That was valid. The writing was sharp, funny, fast. Deep pool of acting talent on that stage with great comedic timing.